She lost 2kg for seven days eating only pizza. Look at her diet that shocked the world!

pizzaYou should follow a few rules:

  • Must have a crust, not some combinations
  • Must have some cheese or topping
  • Some types of sauce / olive trees must be used
  • Kale is allowed in case the lack of meal in vitamin C
  • No supplements or alcohol
  • Coffee is allowed

Day 1

Number of pieces: 10

Meal – “White pizza” (mozzarella, garlic, rice, sea salt, olive oil with egg on top) and “Aksel Rozenberg” (garlic, mushrooms, mozzarella, chili peppers and fresh tomato sauce).

Day 2

Number of pieces: 1.75 small pizza

Meal – Colatura di Alici (cheese, cherry tomatoes, red onions, sardines, olives, chili flakes, extra cold pressed olive oil, parsley and sea salt).

Day 3

Number of pieces: 8

Meal – eat 3 pieces of any of your favorite pizza (all of 8 pieces for the day!).

Day 4

Number of pieces: 6

Meal – Vodka pizza with extra garlic, classic pizza with cheese and pizza with onions.

Day 5

Number of pieces: 10

Meal: Arugula, mushrooms, risotto, pizza mozzarella with olive oil and lemon, “Mushroom Pizza” (mushrooms, chives, sour cream for cooking, chilli).

Day 6

Number of pieces: unknown

Board: Mozzarella and pepperoni slice, “Colony” (red sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, pickled chilli, honey).

Day 7

Number of pieces: 12

Meal: “Gravlaks” (grilled pastry, salmon, risotto, olives, red onion and lemon) and the Ritz “(grilled ham, cheese, eggs, chili sauce).

Bonus day

Number of pieces: 3

Meal: classic pizza, regular pizza, Sicilian pizza.

She claims that anyone who stops drinking alcohol and eating candy can lose weight in a week. If you do not lose weight, at least maintain current weight.