Even a little damage to the teeth can be a problem associated with all organs. According to experts, the upper and lower incisors (first and second) maintain normal condition of the kidneys and bladder. Canines – the normal state of the liver and bile. Premolar (4 and 5) we can draw attention to the state of the lung and colon, molars (6 and 7) to the state of the gall bladder, spleen and pancreas, and wisdom teeth to heart and small intestine.

zubDo not get us wrong, not every damage of the teeth is accompanied by any disease. Sometimes patients complain of pain because they feel where they removed the teeth. This is the so-called phantom pain occurs due to a signal that bodies send to the teeth. If you know about the connection, you can easily find out which body is diseased. Between the internal organs and teeth there is a strong relationship. For example diseased teeth cause headaches. If inflammation is present in the root of the tooth, the pain will be present in the parietal area. Lesions of the upper incisors cause pain in the frontal area and fangs.

What you need to know is that the pain first and second incisors is indicator of chronic pyelonephritis (infection of the upper urinary tract infection), cystitis (bladder bacterial infections) and otitis media (ear infections). The first incisor can be an indicator of tonsilitis, osteohondrosisa (joint disease) .. In case of cholecystitis (acute inflammation of the gallbladder wall) or hepatitis, there is a constant dull ache. Pain of the fourth and fifth molars, can be cause of colitis, chronic pneumonia, allergic reactions (asthma, rhinosinusitis). If you feel pain of the fourth molars, upper and lower, you probably have a problem with the knee joints, shoulders, maybe you suffer from inflammatory processes associated with arthritis, bowel disease… Pain of the sixes and sevens (upper) is indicator of gastritis, gastric ulcer, pancreatitis, anemia and duodenal ulcer. Pain in the upper sixes is associated with tonsillitis sinusitis, tumors of the thyroid gland, inflammation of the ovaries and spleen. Pain of the lower molars indicates a problem with arteries, arteriosclerosis. Experts say that the problems with the seven point to problems with veins, lungs (bronchitis, asthma, inflammation), the presence of polyps in the colon. You should know that if you have a problem with third molars, it can be associated with heart disease and congenital defects. Cavities warn of problems with the endocrine system and stomach ulcers.


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