You only need one bag of tea and some tools from the kit.

Every girl has experienced at least once this frustrating situation: you shape your nails nice, varnish them and then one decides to break. And now what? You can try to re-varnish, but cracked is still be seen.Luckily – there is a super quick and inexpensive solution to this problem! You need only one teabag and some tools from the kit.

What you need:


Glue for nails

Fine rasp





1. Cut the teabag and from her eject tea. Then measure how many bags you will need to cover the entire nail. Cut a piece in the shape of your nail.

2. The nail must be clean! Remove all nail polish, grease from hand creams or dirt. You can use acetone, alcohol and soap. Dry your hands after cleaning.

3. Put glue for nails over the surface of the nail, especially to the part that is broke.

4. Catch cut off part of teabags with tweezers and placed it on the nail, over the glue. Slowly adjust the paper to your nail. If do not bend well – use a plastic bag through which you can press a piece of tea bag on a nail.

5. Add another layer of glue for nail to the piece that are stuck to the nail. Wait for dry it completely before the next step!

6. Use scissors to cut off the surplus of the bag, and using a rasp remove the surplus of glue or irregularities that have occurred by puting glue to the nail. Be careful not to damage the paper!

7. The last step is optional, but is recommended. Spread this “cured” nail with protective polish. After that you can varnish him in whatever color you want.