The first delusion is – whether it is in the everyday diet it is acceptable to drink whole or milk with a lower percentage of fat. The example works. Is engraved opinion among many woman aged 40 to 55 years who are prone to thickening that in diet should use low-fat milk with a fat content of 1 percent or completely skimmed milk.But if you make that choice, then you will get on the weight – unlike women who drink whole milk and pick dairy products with full milk fats. Why this is this is happening?

Fats from whole milk keep the all the nutritious ingredients of calcium and lactic acid that positively affect to metabolism. And he is the most important controller and gear to weight. Good metabolism easily fights with excess of fats not only from milk, but also from other foods that contain them, ejected them from the body.

In lean milk, calcium and lactic acid do not have enough power to speed up metabolism and chained accumulate the fats and from other imported foods.

Swedish research which was conducted 9 years of 19,000 middle-aged women showed that it is a misconception when it comes to choosing of skim milk. It proved that the consumption of whole milk and cheese help to lose weight, to have firmer and stronger bones especially during menopause.