There are many benefits of baking soda usage, people know many of them, but there are also some new discoveries about new benefits of baking soda , and these will surely make you like baking soda even more and find out that it has many more uses for common problems.

Hair issues can affect our self confidence and it is an aesthetic concern, lot of people today have hair loss and are shy of their gray hair, it is very common its nothing to be ashamed of in fact some people look much cooler with their gray hair and a little bit of baldness but some people just want their thick hair back.   There are many types of  shampoos out there in the market that treat these issues but there are some natural remedies you can try to stop this.

Many shampoos have substances that generate dandruff and greasy hair. But there is a natural way of taking care of some of these hair issues that people have today.

Baking soda can remove the dirt from your hair and can regenerate the hair and bring back its original shine.


You need these two ingredients:

Just 750 ml of water and 250 g of baking soda. What you should do is mix the two and then wash your hair with it. It will be a little strange to wash your hair with no foam but the results of this treatment will take a while. If your hair is not long you should use smaller amount of baking soda and water. You should massage the scallop while washing it with this mixture and spread it along the whole hair. You should leave it like that for about five minutes and then wash it of with warm water.

If you want to boost the effect of this treatment you should do the following:

You should mix one liter of water with 200ml of vinegar and apply this mixture on your hair massaging the scalp just like the first time with the baking soda and water mix. You should leave it like that for about 5 \five minutes and then wash it off with plenty of water. You may add few drops of essential oil of lavender or mint if you want to improve the aroma of the vinegar. You should be careful that the vinegar does not come in contact with your eyes because it can be very irritating.