When the Australian Kate Ogg gave birth to her twins, doctors said that one baby is dead. The mother wanted to take it in her arms for the last time, so she placed the lifeless body of her baby on the chest and began stroking it. What happened next is a medical miracle!

motherThe twins of Kate and David Ogg were born early, in the 27th week of pregnancy. While the little girl Emily survived a difficult birth, doctors could not save the life of her brother Jamie. Despite all attempts little heart stopped beating. Young parents were shocked when heard the news that the little boy did not survive.

Kate and David had to say goodbye to their son. As she wanted to spend the last moments with him, his mother put the lifeless body to her chest, she began stroking him and talk to him. And suddenly the baby started to breathe and to run. The doctors explained it as the last reflexes of the body and because of that the parents do not hope – but however, they were wrong!

In the next two hours, the mother continued to caress his little finger tip and put breast milk in the baby’s mouth, the little boy had become livelier. He opened his eyes and reached for his father’s finger and began to move more. Doctors could not believe – but Jamie was alive! Despite the doctor’s diagnosis, close to the mother and the great love of parents the little boy was back to life.

Now, both children are in a totally stable condition and healthy. The parents want to share their boundless joy with the whole world because this story clearly indicates the following: A mother’s love for children is enormous and should not be underestimated ever!