Human people around the world so far collected nearly $ 12,000 from $ 20,000 as needed for surgery

The six-year Virsavija Borun fights and wins all her life, and she was born with heart outside the chest.girl-with-heartVirsavija, is Russian but lives in Florida with her mother. She was born with difficulties caused by the disease, “Pentalogy of Cantrell,” a very rare condition that affects the development of the fetal abdomen, sternum, diaphragm and heart. The girl’s heart, which is the size of a leaf, beats in the abdomen and it is protected only by a thin layer of skin.

“When I was pregnant, the doctor said that the girl will not survive,” said Dari Borun, her mother. Six years later, Virsavija is a happy girl who loves to ride horses, take classes of art and most of all she loves to play with Beyonces’ songs.

In early 2015, Ms. Borun, who took care of her daughter herself, found a doctor in Boston, USA, who was willing to treat her severe illness. This disease usually requires surgery, the outcome can be fatal. But a team of doctors from Boston concluded that it cannot operate Virsavija due to high blood pressure. The girl was scheduled control for two years, when they will decide whether it is safe to undergo surgery.

Dari Borun has decided to ask for help to the public, because of the high cost of medical expenses. So there are humane people around the world now have collected nearly 12,000 of the $ 20,000 as needed for surgery.