When the chiropractor put the newborn across his knees, looked like he would break its spine! But actually he helped this baby.

KiropraksaAll babies have problems with stomach cramps and a doctor, chiropractor, says he has found a solution. But what he’s doing, it looks pretty scary.

Many people disagree with this treatment that you can see in the video, but chiropractor Ian Rosborou claims that the backbone of the baby is flexible and there is no danger.

They say that all the problems with cramps that this baby had, disappeared. However, do not try something like this at home!



Source: http://www.telegraf.rs/zivot-i-stil/2112970-snimak-doktora-koji-maltretira-bebu-uznemirio-je-internet-a-razlog-sto-to-radi-ce-vas-tek-zapanjiti-video