Amazing tricks, which will improve our health. At the same time, it will surprise you!

  1. Keep your eyes closed

If you go to the toilet at night, doctor recommend to always keep one eye closed. Due to the bright light, the brain acquires the false image that was already morning and begins to “wake up” the whole body.

With one eye closed, it prevents waking up and allow yourself to fall asleep again quickly when you return to bed.

  1. Hiccups

Hiccups can be for many reasons, if you eat fast, you breathe incorrectly or you suddenly excited.

How would you solve the hiccups, mouth open and simulate the ingestion of food. Repeat this several times and hiccups should disappear.

  1. How to prevent moisturizing eye

There are situations in life when our eyes moistened.

There’s a simple trick to avoid it: Focus on a point in their environment. Concentrate on its color and breathe in and out calmly.

  1. Prick the ear

The pressure on the ear significantly reduces headache.

  1. Fear of needles

For many people, taking blood or receiving injections of the vaccine are real horror.

The German researcher, Taras Usichenko found that, if at the time of sticking a needle cough, you will not feel any pain. Not sure why this is so, whether because of congnitive interference, i.e. the fact that you take away the attention of coughing, or a short increase in blood pressure. In any case, it works!

  1. Tingling in the brain

If you eat too fast ice cream or drinking a milkshake, sometimes it happens that you get that cold enters the brain, causing a sharp pain. Head buzzing, neck pain. This happens because the brain suffers a sudden loss of heat and trying to protect itself. According to Dr. Michael Sinkina, you should press the upper palate with the tongue, in order to heat shifted to the upper half of the head. The pain should then stop!

  1. Swallowing pills

Swallow large tablets is a major challenge for many. Dr Merkola has a great trick! Take a sip of water, place the tablet in your mouth and lean forward. Then try to swallow. The body will instinctively push the pill down the throat and swallowing will no longer be a problem!