Cinnamon and black chocolate

That’s it. This is, apparently, all the magic needed to Kate Middleton to turn into a Miley Cyrus. At first we laughed. And then, in the middle of a working day we tried this female aphrodisiac. And soon it became very interesting.

beli-bubrezi– Yeah, yeah, I think there are tears in my eyes. She complained to a colleague behind the monitor.

I did not have time to take a closer look. I was busy typing on the keyboard.

– Why is here so hot. Somebody please reduce the climate outside is twenty degrees – I interfered.

Meanwhile, across from me, my accomplice in this aphrodisiac expedition was changing physical state.

– Look, it’s not like this is something making wonders, but my mood changed. If someone asks me, I would not mind – she laughed.

Maybe because of the sugar, cinnamon, and perhaps because of some voodoo magic, but I didn’t know where I am.

While the experiment lasted, a chocolate on my desk was getting smaller, so my mood changed.

– I do not know what it is, but I’m slightly shaking – published after two laps around the newsroom.

– Probably sugar, you ate a half of the chocolate – concluded her colleagues.

And then it hit me – the most powerful aphrodisiac is not Spanish flies, different strokes, bat wings and nails dwarf lemur.

The catch is the power of auto-suggestion.

And it always works. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to send a message. I will buy some cinnamon.

“Horny girl in menopause”

The fact that dark chocolate and cinnamon are aphrodisiacs did not surprise me, because something that is so good taste simply can easily trigger the desire to do anything and everything. What struck me, however, is surprising is the reaction of my body.

When a colleague suggested we try this aphrodisiac in the middle of working hours, the first thought was that it is unlikely to have any great effect, and I agreed.

If I knew that I was an hour later feeling like a horny girls in menopause, which alternate hot and cold waves, I would say “no, thank you” and went back to my water with lemon.

So, do not hesitate, try it!