Apricots protect the skin so their consumption is advised right now, in the period before strong exposure to the sun.

From apricots  is producing oil, which is considered for a great ally of  the beauty and the health. Apricot oil is a highly  prevalent ingredient in cosmetic products for face and body, as well as in preparation for hair care because as  strong emollient  softens the hair and skin.

The oil from apricot is rich with vitamins A, B and E, more minerals, as well and oleic  and linoleic  acid, intended for dry skin, too elderly and the sensitive skin like skin that is prone to acne, eczema and dermatitis.

Except that softens skin and hair, nourishing and regenerating, also helps and with sunburn and reduces irritation and itching, making it an ideal summer cosmetic companion.

Therefore, in the next bargaining get more cosmetic products like shampoo, peeling, shower gels and oils based on apricots.