Three peaches daily killing cancer cells in a very short time, confirmed Juliana Norat food researcher at Washington University.Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide. Norat and her team offers a convenient and easy addition to the daily routine with the intention of preventing this vicious disease. Equivalent to extract polyphenols from 3 peaches a day is equal to the weight of 55 kg women.

Peaches as food therapy

To test the effects of peach breast cancer cells, the mice were first injected breast cancer cells, and then injected the dose of extract of peach. After mice fed high doses of polyphenols taken from peach, researchers have noted that tumor growth is slow in these mice.

The researchers, but realizing that these substances have a protective antioxidant effect on breast cancer cells,they were not particularly surprised by this discovery. Noratto and her team were most surprised when they watched the cancer cells to become extinct. Polyphenols are slowing the process of metastasis (the spread of cancer cells throughout the body). Noratto said: “Then we have not even thought about healing metastases at that time.”

After 12 days, researchers noted that rats fed with a high dose of polyphenols formed smaller blood vessels that are responsible for the spread of cancer cells. While many continue to rely solely on a strong synthetic drugs, Novatto and her team fought for the future based on the evidence that food therapy works for cancer effectively.

Compounds in peaches act preventively against breast cancer without compromising the healthy cells

Peaches contain powerfully polyphenol, also known as chlorogenic and neochlorogenic compound. Although these compounds are also present in other fruits, especially high concentration is contained in peaches.

Novatto  studies confirmed that these two polyphenols are responsible for killing the cancer cells of the breast. In contrast to high doses of chemotherapy to be administered to a patient (to destroy healthy cells along with the atypical cells), the researchers have put forward a positive  opinion on the administration of high doses of an extract of peach without side effects.

In addition to breast cancer, the researchers found in further animal studies that antioxidants prevent the development of other cancers, which is tantamount food therapy against cancer.