seaYou are in the beach and you need to pee. What will you do, you will go to the nearest toilette or in the sea?

Science offered justification for those who urinate in the sea: it’s OK, they say.

American Chemical Society released a video explaining that it is absolutely ok to urinate in the sea, and there are several reasons.

Human urine is composed of 95% of water and sodium chloride which it contains, does not pollute water or pose a danger to plants and animals that live in the sea.

Even if all of the people of planet Earth suddenly urinate in the sea, there will not be any harm, scientists say.

The urine is safe, even when diluted with seawater it becomes meaningless in a few seconds. – says biochemist Stuart Jones.

It’s good as it is, because a recent study showed that 62% of swimmers urinate into the sea.

Are you one of them?