We all use tap water (and even drink it) and consider it pretty much safe, but according to experts, there’s much more to it than we know. Tap water is full of chlorine, fluoride, sulfates, magnesium, calcium, sodium, bicarbonate, aluminum, herbicides, iron, insecticides, copper, nitrates, manganese and other compounds which ca affect your health in different ways.

Recently, a team of scientists conducted a study which showed that our water supply contains antibiotics, hormones and different kinds of drugs. Even more shocking, the samples tested positive on numerous heavy metals, which can have serious consequences on your health. Heavy metals have been associated with Alzheimer’s disease, paralysis, kidney problems, heart disease and other serious diseases and conditions, which means they’re surely not suitable for our water supply. Still, they’re present and we rarely hear anything about it.

In general, people use water filtration systems to clean tap water of the aforementioned compounds, but they’re not 100% effective. Luckily, there’s something in our kitchens that can clean the water naturally – cilantro. Surprisingly, cilantro is more than just a spice – it can clean the water supply of toxins, chemical and heavy metals, and allows us to drink clean water which won’t harm our health.

The research team was led by Douglas Schauer from the Lafayette College along with a team of Mexican scientists. The results of the research showed that cilantro is actually the cheapest possible water purifier that works better than any commercial solution. The tea tested numerous samples from the Tule Valley in Mexico City, which is definitely among the most contaminated bodies of water in the world. The herb demonstrated powerful bio-absorbent properties and managed to successfully eliminate lead and nickel from the samples.

Dr. Schauer is surprised by the results. He says that cilantro proved itself a great alternative to those expensive water-filtration systems and can be used instead of charcoal-based filters. Just add a handful of the herb in a few liters of water, and it’ll be completely free of toxins soon.


Source: http://www.organichealthcorner.com/use-cilantro-water-daily-can-literally-save-lot-money/