starecI remember what the old man Porphyry was telling me about. He wanted to explain me how it is possible to help a man, and then the same person to want to hurt someone that helped him. The old man was saying: “It is something normal, it is in our nature”. I asked him: “Normal?” “Yes dear. It is in our nature, because as long you are alive, the person you helped remembers that you helped him and therefore has to clear up with you, so the sense of obligation stops”. He gave me an example for a man who owned him money, while the old man Porphyry knitted sweaters for a story in Athens. Lately the man tried to hurt him in order to get rid of him. “The person you helped remembers that owes to you, feels bad and wants to get rid of you. Therefore when we want to help someone and do something for him, we should do it so he would not know about it, so he would not feel as he owes something to someone”.