– Politics is complicated, but biology is very simple. Whatever happens, educate people about fertility is very important. Does everyone have to give birth in the twenties? This sensational issue was the subject of debate at Cambridge where many historians and experts in fertility discussed thesis on the dangers of pregnancy in older age.babysOnce upon a time, women generally give birth in their late teens and early twenties. I remember hearing at the College of primitive tribes whose women got pregnant before the end of puberty with men who have barely started to shave. Tutor then told us that it is a natural order of things for a man who is not a slave to the rules of modern life and contraception. But there is a big difference between the reproductive systems of women and men which now causes an obvious imbalance and tension between the sexes.

In men, sperm production when it starts, it continues almost continuously until the end of his life (except in the case of an illness or accident that causes irreversible damage to the testes). Although sperm becomes less healthy as men age (statistics say that men who have crossed forty are half less fertile than men under 25), they are still able to become fathers even in the seventies. Charlie Chaplin, who got his last child at 73, is a true example of this.

In comparison, women are born with a limited number of eggs in their ovaries and have the ability to create new ones. Accordingly, when a woman starts menstruation, the number of her eggs decreased 20%, and up to 35 years her fertility begins to decline to some doctors in vitro fertilization will not even consider the possibility to treat a woman older than 40 years.

When couples were still making babies in their twenties these differences were not significant. But generations later, many women noticed an increase in the age at which men and women are starting to have babies. For example, in the UK, couples become parents for the first time only when they cross thirty. Every year the retirement age is growing and will reach a point where the average couple trying to have a child shall not be compatible with their reproductive abilities.

Some argue that we have already reached that point and that infertility associated with age has reached enormous proportions. For this reason, many fertility experts were organizing training classes in the UK, but this issue has caused a sense of insult and disgust among many couples, as well as a lot of criticism due to interference with their private life.

So, do we need to have babies in the twenties? On the biological side, yes. There is no doubt that our bodies are given to have children at that age or even earlier. In any case, we should be having babies earlier than we now do. Of crucial importance is the education of young people about fertility, not only in schools but also at college, and even in the workplace.

Thanks to education, work and a desire to live without obligations, our lifestyle and biology are into a complete imbalance when it comes to parenting. But if you do not do something about it, the birth of babies will be greatly hampered.