Dr Knjazkin – Onion does wonders!


The following is a recipe of Dr. Igor Knjazkin, a famous doctor from St. Petersburg, in a show about health on the first channel of Russian television. It should be used in case of reduced thyroid function (hypothyroidism).

In the evening, before going to bed, take onion and cut it in half, so that juice leaking from the halves.

The thyroid gland consists of two lobes, the left and right, which are associated with a narrowing-isthmus (Latin name: isthmus).

Light, circular motions, massage your neck in the area of ​​thyroid with these onion halves – the first one-half of one lobe of the thyroid and then another for the other. Then, without washing out the neck, lie down in bed, that this juice works overnight. This is a simple way, which is completely natural and stimulates the thyroid function.

Tips of Dr. Torsunov – Sing!

Doctor Oleg Torsunov advises all who have a thyroid problem, especially for patients with impaired function of the thyroid gland, to help their sick body by making – singing (throat chakra!)

He says that the thyroid gland and in general, the whole endocrine system is closely connected with human emotions, especially with the emotion of love. Problems with the thyroid gland have people who strongly experience everything happens around them, and on bad actions of others respond with a sense of deep hurt and outrage.

Negative emotions remain as frozen in the body, accumulate in the thyroid gland and it begins to fall ill.

Emotions have to be moving. Get rid of the accumulated negative emotions – singing. Doctor Torsunov says: “Sing. Singing will make discounts emotional discipline in the thyroid gland. Thyroid nodules will disappear by themselves. Sing happy songs, no matter what problems you have and how you are in the mood. Sing with joy and love. Constantly sing, dance, rejoice in others, make others happy and you will be healed! ”

Test of iodine according Malakhov

This test is useful for all, especially for people who have thyroid problems.

In the evening, before bedtime take a povidone-iodine, which is purchased at a pharmacy. Dip a cotton swab into iodine and draw three lines on the muscle part of the left hand: thin, medium and thick. Wait for the line to dry on your skin and lie down to sleep.

In the morning, look at your hand. If it is missing only the thinnest line, means that you are fine with iodine. The body took iodine through the skin as much as it needed.

If other than the thinnest disappeared and medium-thick line means that you do not have enough iodine in the body and you need to pay attention to the state of your health.

If you are missing all three lines, it means that you have a lack of iodine in the body and that your thyroid gland is particularly affected.

This method is completely harmless because the body through the skin takes just as much iodine as it need.


Source: http://www.zivjeti-zdravo.com/2017/03/uradite-ovo-i-izlijecit-cete-se-bolesti-stitnjace-poticu-od-ogorcenja-i-zaledenih-emocija/