Once upon a time lived a wise old samurai. He had a group of students, and trained them wisdom and war skills. One day, during training, he came to the young warrior, known for its harshness and cruelty. His favorite tactic was a provocation: he insulted rival and so losing patience, accepted the challenge, but he was making mistakes because of the anger and, of course, lost the fight at the end.

pritchaThe same happened this time: the warrior cried a few insults and began to observe the reaction of the samurai. Samurai calmly continued with the lecture. This was repeated several times. When the samurai did not react for the third time, the warrior was angry, and left the training!

Other students carefully and with interest watched this situation. After the warrior left, one of the students said:

– Master, why did you tolerate his attacks and insults? You were supposed to challenge him to fight!

Wise samurai replied:

– When you bring a gift, and you do not accept, where the gift will end up?

– To its owner – the disciples answered.

– The same goes for envy, hatred, insults and malice. As long as you do not accept, they belong to the person who brought them.


Source: http://lijekizprirode.com/featured/mudra-prica-o-tome-kako-reagovati-na-zavist-zlobu-i-uvrede-16119.html