Our body is a complex system, and there are many processes interacting to help it function properly. But, one of the main organs in your body are your kidneys. The thing is, that your kidneys are responsible for taking most of the toxins out of your body. Once you disrupt that process – a bad outcome is waiting for you.

There are many ways you can influence your kidneys’ work in a bad way: poor diet, lots of nicotine and alcohol are at the top of the list. That is why if you realize that activities like that imply to you, you should think about kidney detox to avoid something as dreadful as kidney stones or kidney failure.

Luckily, we may have the perfect remedy in mind

The best way to detox your kidneys is with the help of herbs. For example, lemon juice is useful due to many reasons, but when it comes to your kidneys, it can dissolve the formed stones in your kidneys, and also prevent future formations.

Turmeric can reduce inflammation in your kidneys, while ginger stimulates blood flow and gets rid of all the toxins stored there. Even though cranberries make you pee a lot, they help you get rid of all the bad things that have been resting in your kidneys. Last but not least, grapes are perfect antioxidants.

That is why we think that there is nothing better than to combine all of these into one, perfectly useful and effective kidney remedy drink. What you are going to need is:

A glass of cranberry juice

Some lemon juice

A little bit of turmeric

A little bit of ginger

A glass of grape juice

Combine all of the ingredients together, blend them well. After that, let the mixture sit for about half an hour. Now, you should filter the drink and consume it daily to keep your kidneys clean.


Source: https://betterme.tips/9688-you-detox-kidneys-improve-functionality.html#9688