Are you bothered by persistent blackheads which spoil the beauty of your face, but your mood after each looked in the mirror?MitiserDo not despair! There is a very simple natural treatment that will help you to get rid of black dots of the nose and chin and restore the beauty of your face. It consists of only 3 ingredients that certainly you have in your home!

See the recipe for a home treatment to combat blackheads and say goodbye to them!

Blackheads occur mainly in the area of ​​T zone – between the eyebrows, the nose, namely the nostrils and chin. The reason for this is oily skin, and intense sebum – the natural oils that clog the pores of the skin and in combination with dirt from the air creates unsightly black spots.

In beauty salons you can easily remove blackheads, but there are home treatments that can be effective as well if ​​used correctly.

You will need the following ingredients: lemon, sugar and honey!

Simply cut half a lemon, pour honey, sprinkle a bit of sugar and begin to rub the affected areas of skin with facial blackheads.

Rubbing you exfoliate the skin and cleanse the pores, and thus remove most blackheads.

Honey is the best natural antiseptic, and it moisturizes the face fantastically. Lemon whitens the skin, and its acid works a mild chemical peeling of the face. Finally sugar cleans the skin and removes dead skin cells, unclogs pores allowing the operation of honey and lemon in the deeper layers of the skin.