A flat belly is the cherished dream of many women. However, not just some extra pounds, but also bloating can be the fact that they do not like it so much. When there is too much gas in the intestine, something needs to be done about it. The abdominal distention is also marked by unpleasant manifestations and sensations.

Very many women suffer from the accumulation of gases in the intestines. Why is this happening, what are the main causes of this phenomenon? Gases are formed in the body partly, because we talk while eating. It is better to give up chewing gum and to quit smoking. Strangely enough, they cause gas formation.

Excessive use of products containing, in general, useful fiber (black bread, cabbage, legumes, apples), can provoke increased gas production. Frequent use of sparkling drinks also does not benefit the stomach and intestines. Now, let’s look through some more causes of bloating stomach:

#1 Reduce stress

Having too much stress can affect your health, especially your digestive tract. Stress can slow down your metabolism and reduce the work of useful microelements in your body. Do yoga or have a warm bath.

#2 This can be constipation and not bloated stomach

You can easily check this: if you feel better after you empty your bowels, this is constipation. Try to eat more fruit and vegetables.

#3 You are eating too fast and a lot of air comes inside your body

Try to slow down your eating process and chew the food better. You should chew it at least thirty times.

#4 You drink less water than you should

Remember, you should drink at least seven-eight glasses of water every day. This will boost up your metabolism.

#5 You are not holding a low-carb diet

If you face such a problem as bloated stomach, a low-carb diet is the best option for you. Also, you should limit eating sweets, sugar and drinking alcohol.


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