When you think of watermelon, probably think of summer memories.

It is generally accepted that the picnic is not complete without a juicy watermelon, big enough to share with the whole family. But how are these giant watermelons produced?

watermelonRecent news has shown that the effort to create the greatest possible watermelons had an unexpected effect in China: watermelon explode.

It all began when farmers noticed that some of their fruit trees snapped in half. Back then, hundreds of acres of melons were lost in the same way.

However, these melons did not explode by themselves: while 19 of the 20 farmers claimed that they did not use chemicals in their field, a popular fertilizer has been identified as the culprit.

Forchlorfenuron is used for making melon to 20% larger and allows it to be harvested and two weeks earlier, which provides significant profits for farmers. Melons treated with this fertilizer are often less tasty, the more distorted and filled with white instead of black seeds.

How to protect yourself

The best way to get harmful chemicals out of the diet is buying local organic products or growing your own food. If you are with limited budget, try to avoid Chinese products, which are internationally criticized on several occasions as fake products.


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