One of the most annoying problems with any conventional bra is wires that coming out and cause discomfort, and even bruising. You cannot wear those without wires, because they do not have the same effect. Maybe you’ve tried different things, but have you tried this trick?

banAll you need is a sanitary napkin. Cut it into smaller pieces and apply them to the end of the wire. This will retain the bra and prevent breaks out.

These are 4 alternatives to use sanitary napkins

Sorbent of sweat

Who needs a headband if can use sanitary napkin? Formula 1 racing driver Nico Rosberg, carries a sanitary napkin under the helmet to prevent sweat that drops into his eyes. Stylists often put sanitary napkins under the clothes to absorb sweat and prevent “ring” that is formed around the armpit, during a photo session. Models also sweat like you!

Makeshift bandage

If you are in the wild, and there is no pharmacy around, you can create a bandage of sanitary napkin. Just wrap it over the wound and you can continue.


If you suffer from sweaty feet, just put the napkin in your shoes and you will have fresh, clean and smelling feet. The pad absorbs sweat. Also it is brilliant idea if your shoes are a little big.

Breast lining

If you are breastfeeding and you have a leak syndrome of breasts, do not spend money on the pads for the breasts! Instead, cut a sanitary napkin in half and put it in your bra.