How to naturally clean the toilet bowl and remove odors in the toilet? Here’s a great idea to refresh and disinfect the toilet and the entire bathroom with the help of local effervescent scented balls.

w-skoljkaIt is natural, ecologically clean, without chemicals. The idea is great and is easy to prepare. Use such bombs is pure pleasure. Toilet bowl is clean and the toilet scented.

To prepare aromatic balls you will need soda, citric acid and any essential oil. It is best to choose a more intense odor and the antibacterial activity (lavender, orange, mint, lemon, etc.). And you will also need: a deep bowl, silicone spatula (plastic or wooden spoon), sprays and silicone molds (optional).

Scented bath balls – preparation

To 1 part of citric acid it is necessary to 2.5 parts baking soda and 25-30 drops of essential oil. In this example, the bombs were made of 100 g of citric acid, 250 g of baking soda and 50 drops of essential oil of orange. As a result we got 20 balls. Time of preparation – 20 minutes.

In a deep bowl, mix baking soda, and citric acid. Add the essential oil to the mixture and stir again. You can also add a color powder, and you can leave and colorless.

Pour water into a sprayer, it is best to use cold boiled or filtered water.

Now comes the crucial moment. Spray from the spray mixture and stir. Do not wet it too much! Just a little. Better to spend a little more time to prepare, but spoil it, because of large amounts of water, soda and citric acid will immediately come to the reaction and the mixture will “boil” and there will be nothing.

It is necessary to spray and mix the mixture a dozen times. It should not be too wet, only slightly moistened.

You can use silicone molds, spoon or by hand (gloves is mandatory).

You do not need to use silicone molds, you can put the gloves and make balls.

Leave at room temperature the balls to dry for 3-4 hours.

Store them in a plastic box or glass jar.

Simply roll the truffle in the toilet. During the “boiling point” balls clean, refresh and deodorize the air in the room.

The result: clean toilet bowl and scented rooms.