China is putting California garlic growers out of business.

Less than ten years ago, all of our garlic was grown in this country, primarily in CA. Now less than 40% is grown here and most of it (60%) is coming from China.

your-garlicYou can tell the difference by looking at the bottom. If the roots are all removed, leaving a concave, clean spot, it is Chinese. This is required by the Ag Dept. to prevent soil-borne plant diseases from entering our country. If the roots are still there, it is California garlic. The Garlic Growers Assoc. says not one single US grower cleans out the root end.

In China, quality control is a huge issue. Many Chinese farmers are using illegal and harmful pesticides to grow their crops.

 “An undercover magazine reporter investigating in the area found that many vegetable farmers used phorate and parathion, two pesticides BANNED by the government, to irrigate the crops to save time and effort” (Epoch Times).

Parathion and phorate have been labeled Highly Toxic Poisons for some time – and for good reason.

Another major factor in the quality of the garlic in China is from the major pollution problem. The soil itself is toxic and is also a major health concern.

“An official government report in 2014 showed that nearly a fifth of China’s soil is contaminated by heavy metals like cadmium and arsenic as well as unhealthy amounts of pesticides and fertilizers. Severe pollution has tainted all of China’s major rivers with large amounts of industrial chemicals and household waste” (Epoch Times).

How To Spot Garlic From China

Everyone should make sure that they are not eating ANY garlic from China. They have bleach and other harmful chemicals in them and are dangerous to your health.

Next time you go shopping, look out for these signs:

  1. If there are roots or a stem then it is safe.China makes sure to cut off the roots and stems so that they weigh less when shipped over the sea.
  2. Garlic that is heavy and more bulbous is safer.Imported garlic is smaller and lighter.
  3. Healthy homegrown garlic tastes richer and is most likely from California.On the big flavor measurement scale, homegrown garlic measures 40 out of 40, whereas garlic from China only measures a 28 out of 40.
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